Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm in love with casting!

Last night I was invited to a group to run Sunken Temple using one of Jizmo's alts - a level 46 warlock. I'm rethinking my choice of a rogue. I think being away from the group and casting rules. In fact, after my first night of playing WoW I had a dream that I was a mage and was casting into a mob. That should have been a sign.

I'd sure be sad to leave Jazzlyn behind though. She took my WoW virginity.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I can't believe it's been 17 days since I've posted. Jizmo and I bought a house - a house that needs some major remodeling. I have made that my priority, and most nights I don't spend more than an hour online before I go to bed.

I did log in to WoW a few days ago and received my mail from Jizzlmanizzl. There were lock boxes galore in there! I got an upgrade on my dagger. I have to get my lockpicking skills up before I can finish off the rest of those boxes.

I'm off to make some coffee and then go to the house to level on my painting and cleaning skills.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dead Mines

Sorry that it's been awhile since I've updated. For a few days, I was actually playing WoW during my spare time, and now it seems like my spare time has almost vanished.

I am now level 22. I guess I've been moving pretty slow. I have completed things though!

The group and I ran Dead Mines 3 times already hoping that something really good would drop. Some people have gotten cool upgrades like our priest's staff, a sword for our warrior, but other than that I don't recall anything too great popping up.

I was a noob and put "need" on a leather tunic on a roll. I guess the specs were perfect for our shaman, so I wore it and eventually sold it when I got the right tunic for me as a quest reward. Whoops!

I also completed my rogue quest. What a pain in the ass! The first time I tried alone and failed within steps of the tower. The second time, I had Jizmo run it with me but I couldn't figure out how to get inside the chest to get that journal. Evidently, I needed some lock picking experience first. So we ran to Redridge Mountains to do lock picking practice boxes. I opened one waiting for something to pop out or something, so I asked "Now what do I do?" Jizmo said, "Do that another 100 times then you can do your rogue quest again." "OMGJFC."

So the third and final time we ran the quest, it was a complete success.

Now I'm off to figure out my talent tree.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Miscellanious WoW Stuff

I have a Technorati Profile. Let me know if you have a WoW blog, so I can read yours in return. :)


There's going to be a gamer documentary coming out called AFK The Film. Check out the preview.


How would it all turn out if World War III were to happen WoW Style?!

England: Ok everyone, this is a simple fight, basically we are going to form one big circle around Germany and slowly dps it down. Can uh someone please help me summon the US.
US: Uh yeah guys, I'm in the bank sorting my bags out, dont summon yet.
Poland dies.
Poland: Dude I didn't he just aggroed.
Austria-Hungary is afflicted by mind-control.
France: It's coo i got this
France casts German-France border shield wall.
Germany casts go-through-belgium.
France dies
France: FFS why do i always die so quick
England: OK WTF WHY AM I TANKING, I'M SUPPOSED TO BE RANGE DPS FROM OVER HERE. OK i need 2 people to help summon US, we still got this.
US: Wait, i'm just looking at cloth on the AH, don't summon.
Germany takes flight.
England: OK OK OK, he's in phase 2, I need all heals on me.
Canada: Dude, just bandage yourself.
Italians attacks British Somaliland in East Africa
British Somaliland: Adds have spawned.
Greece dies.
Yugoslavia dies.
Greece: F$%@ing blitzkrieg, that Sh$@s way too overpowered.
England: Ok russia, you need to pull aggro and collapse all the way to Stalingrad
Russia: AH wtf, i was supposed to be dps, goddamn you noobass tanks.
US has been afflicted by pearl harbor.
England: ?????
US: My durability on my weapons just went down like 50%, what the hell?
Australia: OH CRAP AN ADD JUST SPAWNED ABOVE ME, helppppppppppp.
US: Ok summon
US: wth
England: ???
US: You guys are like tier 1, and wtf france you're still using greys?
France: /w US Can i have some money plz?
England: Ok we got this side covered, how's right side?
Russia: just popped mass production, i'm coo
Germany becomes enraged and launches V2 rockets.
England: Ok stay away from those and get him down quick
Germany dies
US: Ok all on Japan
England: US, execute
US launches Enola Gay
Japan: Stay your attack mortals, I submit, I SUBMIT.
England: ohhhhhh, this should be interesting [Germany], ok roll if you need.
US rolls 50 (1-100)
Russia rolls 50 (1-100)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wailing Caverns

Lets all celebrate! I'm level 20! :)

Jizmo, Jizzabelle, Jizzlmanizzl, and I all went to Wailing Caverns to do the instance there. It took us quite a while just to get in because there was a level 70 hunter there who was killing us. I probably had to resurrect 6 times. I think it's pretty lame for a level 70 just to sit around and kill noobs - but that's just me.

Basically we didn't make it through on our first try... maybe it had something to do with me learning how to stealth and sap. I sapped the first boss but then I hit it and woke it back up. Someone should have told me!

Before our second round, Jizmo petitioned for a guild. We are offically the Almost Gaming Guild. It's way better than Shankz and Gigglez or whatever we joined when they were the first to invite us. I am one of the officers in the guild, which seems particularly crazy since I've only played the game for about 25 hours. Trust me, the rest of the officers have way more experience. Anyone wanna join our guild?! Come on!

My real noob story of the day ~ Jizmo had me open my map, and he was explaining different places. Once I was done instead of hitting "M" to close it, I just hit the big red x. I am glad I wasn't doing anything important except running around town. Sometimes I really shouldn't listen to what the 3rd grade computer teacher says.. you shouldn't always use that x to close everything.

After I pulled one noobness point for the day, we figured we were okay to try Wailing Caverns again.

This time we only got killed once by a level 60 rogue before entering, and we did really well the whole way through. I got these Armor of the Fang, Gloves of the Fang, and Leggings of the Fang. They aren't necessarily great for a rogue, but they are a sweet purple color that make Jazzlyn look hawt. Jizmo got a blue shield from the turtle named Kresh!

There were some things about this instance that pissed us off though. First, it's long. Secondly, it's boring with really crappy loot. For example, the best piece that dropped was Jizmo's mutant scale breastplate. He was a level 20 at that time, and it dropped off a level 22 - it has a level 23 level requirement! Now that makes sense!

I think throughout this instance, I mastered backstab, stealth, and ambush. I was hoping by level 20, I'd have some understanding and skill. Amazingly, I think I've met that goal.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Absent Minded Prospector

I was driving in my car back home last night when my cellphone rang. It was Jizzabelle, "Do you want to log on and play WoW?" I can't get away from this game. If I don't make myself addicted, someone else will. Of course, I didn't say no.

Between Jizmo and Jizzlmanizzl bickering back and forth and Jizzlmanizzl and Jizzabelle sipping drinks - I don't know what made our run more interesting. Maybe I should follow their lead, the drinking part of it might make the game more relaxing for me.

It did get worse though. We failed the first time we did The Absent Minded Prospector! It might have been that we were level 15 and it was a level 19 quest, or that we didn't protect the Prospector very well and he died. Then when we completed it and went back to turn in the quests, it appears that I didn't get credit for it! WTF?! Maybe the Absent Minded One forgot I was there. :(

Somehow, I also missed a few of the quests. I'm guessing that my inventory was full, and I missed it. Jizzabelle kindly gave me a bigger bag when we got back to town.

Today there will be much catching up to do.

Friday, August 3, 2007

First time in Darkshore

In the morning, all 4 of us met up in Tel'Drassel and we finished off the quests. I was having a really hard time keeping up since they can fight, chat, trade, and equip all at once it seems. I don't think I was fast enough the entire time with shift + right click to get any loot. I know it's not that big of a deal, but it still makes me feel like a noob.

Basically, after we turned in quests, I leveled, and I sold some things from inventory. I typed "bye and /exit." I sat out on the front porch because I think my blood pressure was way above normal. I thought, at that point, this game may have to go for the sake of my health.

I saw Jizzabelle fishing yesterday so when I got the urge to play WoW while I was out by the RL river, I came home and hit up The Family and The Fishing Pole quest. I realized it takes awhile to catch all the fish you need, but it's a relaxing one. At sunset, it's a pretty sweet view too.

I'll have you all know that I found my Rogue trainer, a vendor, and I did Buzzbox 411 all by myself. I did die once though.. who knew I needed breath while I was fighting underwater threshers? I also used the Rogue Class Guide to figure out how to assign my talent points. I really would have had no clue what to do unless I read through this.

After completing quests at Darkshore, I got on a boat back to Darnassus.

Well, not my first try. I fell off of the side of the dock as I was turning to get onto the ship. Jizmo asked, "Why don't they have ladders for the dock?" Jizzlmanizzl replied, "Because then it wouldn't be funny when the noobs fall off."

Once a noob - always a noob.