Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wailing Caverns

Lets all celebrate! I'm level 20! :)

Jizmo, Jizzabelle, Jizzlmanizzl, and I all went to Wailing Caverns to do the instance there. It took us quite a while just to get in because there was a level 70 hunter there who was killing us. I probably had to resurrect 6 times. I think it's pretty lame for a level 70 just to sit around and kill noobs - but that's just me.

Basically we didn't make it through on our first try... maybe it had something to do with me learning how to stealth and sap. I sapped the first boss but then I hit it and woke it back up. Someone should have told me!

Before our second round, Jizmo petitioned for a guild. We are offically the Almost Gaming Guild. It's way better than Shankz and Gigglez or whatever we joined when they were the first to invite us. I am one of the officers in the guild, which seems particularly crazy since I've only played the game for about 25 hours. Trust me, the rest of the officers have way more experience. Anyone wanna join our guild?! Come on!

My real noob story of the day ~ Jizmo had me open my map, and he was explaining different places. Once I was done instead of hitting "M" to close it, I just hit the big red x. I am glad I wasn't doing anything important except running around town. Sometimes I really shouldn't listen to what the 3rd grade computer teacher says.. you shouldn't always use that x to close everything.

After I pulled one noobness point for the day, we figured we were okay to try Wailing Caverns again.

This time we only got killed once by a level 60 rogue before entering, and we did really well the whole way through. I got these Armor of the Fang, Gloves of the Fang, and Leggings of the Fang. They aren't necessarily great for a rogue, but they are a sweet purple color that make Jazzlyn look hawt. Jizmo got a blue shield from the turtle named Kresh!

There were some things about this instance that pissed us off though. First, it's long. Secondly, it's boring with really crappy loot. For example, the best piece that dropped was Jizmo's mutant scale breastplate. He was a level 20 at that time, and it dropped off a level 22 - it has a level 23 level requirement! Now that makes sense!

I think throughout this instance, I mastered backstab, stealth, and ambush. I was hoping by level 20, I'd have some understanding and skill. Amazingly, I think I've met that goal.


Stephanie said...

Ah yes, originally playing WoW takes some time. I don't think I really understood what was going on for awhile. Rogues are especially tricky too.

I'm mad because I have respeced my mage, so now it's a challenge to figure out how to play again.

Jazzlyn said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a hard time in the beginning. Did you play any other games before you played WoW?